Holistic Mom Pregnancy Resources

I had to work REALLY hard to UNDO the unconscious narrative of what birth is, placed there by the greater world.

Are You Heroic or Wise?

There is a way of looking at health that sees every moment of life as perfection. Every experience adds to our whole.

Of Love and Fear in COVID-19

I made these choices not out of a fear for the future, but out of a love for it... I do not fear sickness and death. I love health...

Self-Care for MomVets (and everyone else)

In the end, this is self-care. It is ... understanding our needs, and then setting out to meet them alongside ... the needs of others.

Abundantly Fed Pets

Most homemade diets for pets are woefully inadequate. So what do we do?

Abundantly Fed

Discussions on Nutrition and Diet are fraught with peril. We carry the baggage of "Diet Culture". Let's turn that on it's head.

Healing Traditions

Traditions are approaches to health and healing commonly used and understood within a specific community.


I'm Dr. Emily Taylor Yunker, a veterinarian and clinical herbalist. I'm passionate about nurturing animals, children, and everyone.