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COVID-19 Resources for Natural Health Support

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

I am working on compiling reliable information regarding natural health and COVID-19, as it relates to human health for the most part, but I will include veterinary resources as they are available.

I have been concerned about the volume of bad quality information floating around in the parenting and natural living communities I am part of. So I hope to start with some quality links to information, and to continue to update this regularly.

It looks like we will be in this place globally for a long time. Information may become more or less relevant as we gather new information. Please leave comments if you find that something I have linked to is no longer relevant or appropriate so I can change it.

Stay well!

Green Blessings,

Emily Yunker, DVM


Aviva Romm, MD- An Integrative MDs Commonsense Approach

This covers many categories such as social isolation challenges, talking to kids, natural medicine and supplements (and what NOT to use), pregnancy and breastfeeding, autoimmune disease, etc.

Aviva Romm’s Podcast “Natural MD Radio” has three episodes on COVID-19. This is the website archive, but you can also find them on iTunes and Soundcloud. The topics cover natural supplements and general recommendations, pregnancy and breastfeeding, and autoimmune disease. *Note that thee social distancing recommendations are changing and the early episodes are not reflective of current “shelter in place” recommendations.

*Susun Weed has created a FREE Online course for immune support in the interest of public health and empowering people. What a treasure.

*A quick video from Susun about immune support and coronavirus, not the best editing quality, but good information thrown together quickly to get out into the world.

*A note about Susun Weed. Susun intentionally limits her intake of news and media. Her herbal and natural health knowledge are great, but her interpretation of public policy and the social implications of this time leave much to be desired. These two resources are great, but some of her podcasts are misleading.

Holistic Herbalism Podcast from Commonwealth Herbs- Herbs for Coronavirus Preparedness. Katya and Ryn are a joy to listen to. I like their ideas for which herbs to use and ways to use them, as well as other healthy lifestyle factors.

An article from Katja Swift from Commonwealth Herbs on Elderberry and the fuss about Cytokines. This topic is also addressed by Susun Weed and by Aviva Romm. But in case you ONLY want that part, here is an article.

Matthew Woods and Phyllis Light, reknowned herbalists, are teaching a Respiratory Health Online Course this weekend (March 28 and 29). It is fairly comprehensive. $200

The Matthew Woods Institute of Herbalism also has a lot of free small offerings, including a BIG 2.5 hour online course of Traditional Herbal Options for COVID-19 Symptoms. The offerings seem to be changing every few days, so instead of a specific link, I am linking the homepage. Scroll down for the most recent information and info.

Stephen Buhner is a reknowned herbalist specifically known for his knowledge of the treatment of infections disease with herbs. This article is his official COVID-19 response. It is dense. It appeals to my physiology-loving heart. But it may be a bit much for most. The actual herb recommendations start on page 8 I believe.

**Elisa Song, MD has an active Facebook community and blog on natural children's health. On a personal level, her young children have now both had COVID-19, one with serious disease. These are her personal suggestions for making it through this time.

**Gastroenterologist Ken Brown, MD does a great job breaking down the science in this podcast. I do not always like the Wellness Mama take on things, but this one is really good. Also, this doctor's supplement company is giving away a product to medical professionals and first-responders.

**A note on Wellness Mama. There is an earlier episode on COVID on the Wellness Mama Podcast. It is an interview with Elisa Song, MD. I DO NOT recommend it. I think they both seriously underestimated the severity of the situation at the time. It is a bit startling to listen to actually. Especially knowing that shortly after recording, Dr. Song's children would be sick.

The American Veterinary Medical Association article on COVID-19 with frequent updates. This mostly is aimed at veterinary professionals, but also has some good info and links for pet owners and the general public.

The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association has a “Find a Vet” page that can help you find a holistically-minded veterinarian near you. This person may be a great source of information for you during this time if you have questions or concerns about your furry friends and you want some considerate, naturally minded advice. Not really specifically COVID-19 related though.

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